Research Activities

The aim of the Partnership is to make life better for older people in Hulme & Moss Side. To do this we need to learn what its like to live here now. Staff form the Manchester Age Friendly Neighbourhoods team have been carrying out the following research activities and are keen to support residents to carry out their own research to support the Action Plan.

Informal Conversations
MAFN staff are always out and about in the neighbourhood and often have informal conversations with people they meet. This is a vital research tool and helps the Partnership get a good understanding of up to date issues that are affecting residents and help influence the priorities of the Action Plan. These are recorded via notes in our record books and on our server and the findings feed into the Action Plan.

Neighbourhood Survey (click on link to download)
The Neighbourhood Survey is a tick-box questionnaire about the neighbourhood. It has specific questions about what kinds of activities you do in the area, how you get about, if you volunteer and how you feel about the neighbouhhood. By collecting this information it will help the partnership understand how age-friendly Hulme & Moss Side currently is for residents. This will feed into the neighbourhood  Action Plan and help to inform the development of age friendly projects in Hulme & Moss Side.

We would like to hear form as many older people living in Hulme & Moss Side. Please help us by taking some time today to fill this out, or download and support a resident you work/ volunteer with to complete one. It should take no longer than 10 minutes. Once filled out, please send it back to us at the address below or pop into a drop-in.

Manchester Age Friendly Neighbourhoods
Manchester School of Architecture
Chatham Building
Cavendish Street
M15 6BR

Walking Interviews
These are carried out with a resident and a researcher. We ask that you to take us on a walk around your neighbourhood. We will have a chat about what we see and about your experiences of living in this neighbourhood in general. We audio record the conversation in order to make notes which will be anonymous.  How long we spend walking is up to you, and if you want to stop for a breather that’s OK. We usually aim for about 30-45 minutes.

We would like to cover as much of the neighbouhood as possible. So far we have done 4 in Hulme (including St Georgs, Aquarius, St Marys and BBC Loreto) and 1 around Moss Side. If you are or know a resident who would be interested in getting involved, please get in touch.

Action Plan Workshops (Focus Groups + Interactive Workshops)
We have run a series of focus groups with older people in the area. This is a focused conversation with around 8 residents and 2 researchers. The topics are wide reaching and include housing, transport, healthcare, social activity, outdoor spaces, communications and social participation. They help us understand what its like to live in the area for older people.

We make an audio recording during the conversation as well as writing notes. The recording is securely kept and will only be used by researcher to make notes following the activity. Quotes from the converstaion will be used as evidence for our findings and help influence the actions, but we always keep them annymous. You can see the questions the researchers will ask in this document: MAFN_Focus Group Agenda . These were developed with the research team at MICRA.

These groups can also be great ways to understand a particular issue facing residents and can lead to project ideas and development.

We have carried this activity out with several groups including Yellowbird, residents at Will Griffiths and the Mosscare Over 55s group. If you would like to take part in  a workshop please get in touch.